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Tribal Paganism

Our Friends of the Night

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Tribal Paganism is a community of people interested in discussing tribal magico-religious beliefs and practices that span every culture, from the ancient to the present day. This includes everything from Asatru to Yoruba (see our Interests for a complete keyword list).

Why "Tribal"? Because while we enjoy the topic of magico-religious practices in general, we believe that there's a wealth of knowledge available from a study of tribal cultures in particular. Since the word "tribe" can be defined as "any aggregate of people united by ties of descent from a common ancestor, community of customs and traditions", we try to look backwards as broadly and deeply as possible to see what can be useful for us today.

Membership is moderated so as to control the flow of spam as well as irrelevant and off-topic posts. We encourage intellectual discourse and debate. We love exploring the dark corners and secret workings of forbidden magic, but be prepared to support your views. Personal attacks of any kind will result in immediate banishment, so argue as vigorously as you want, but keep it clean.